• Homogenizing western knowledge while remaining anchored to vedic values

  • Legacy of largest number of schools after Government schools

  • Wide  serving fleet of Transport

  • Day care facility

  • Library

In an endeavour to inculcate a habit of reading and make learning enjoyable, school has developed a superbly equipped library which proves an invaluable aid to the student community. The spacious library provides a welcome haven to students and encourages a sagacious use of the library.

Medical Care

The school is providing a complete medical and dental program for the students. The facilities under the program are highlighted below:
  • A well equipped medical room

  • A Qualified doctor in the school.

  • Free dental check ups

  • Free check ups

  • Free vaccination guidance.

  • Free first aid facility in the school.

  • Free lectures & seminars by medical experts

  • Free consultation facility for parents.

  • Regular feed backon clinical health to the parents.

Excursion & Educational Trips

     Learning becomes everlasting and much more enjoyable when the students have first hand experience in visiting the places which they read about in the   books. Keeping this in mind, they are taken for educational trips, excursions and adventure trips.

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